Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw, wife of famous TV personality and psychologist Dr.Phil is no stranger to the limelight. Her looks and body shape deceive everyone about her being 68 years old. Her charisma and charming personality have made fans speculate that she might have undergone plastic surgery procedures.

Rumors are Robin McGraw plastic surgery included possibly a facelift or botox as there are fewer wrinkles and very little saggy skin. She never talked about any of these procedures. But once, while talking in a podcast of herself, I’ve Got a Secret! With Robin McGraw, she admitted to having an eyebrows transplant.

Fans are not ready to accept that an eyebrow transplant is the only cosmetic procedure she has had. According to netizens, it isn’t easy to believe that a person with such looks appears so young without any cosmetic procedures.

Having an eyebrow transplant really helped her look better, but it is not totally responsible for her ageless beauty. Even if she may not accept it, many professional cosmetic surgeons are convinced she had a facelift or botox treatment to control those wrinkles.

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Regarding this, we will discuss the possible cosmetic procedures she had undergone and also the impacts of these procedures on her.

Who Is Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw is an author, a TV personality, and an entrepreneur. She is also a philanthropist, as she is in touch with many local charity foundations. As an author, she topped New York Times Best Selling list twice. She has also made various appearances on her husband, Dr.Phils’s show.

She has her skincare and beauty line, Robin McGraw Revelation,  where she sells luxury cosmetic products. Her views on maternity, the duties of a wife, and women’s problems in daily life have always been admired by the audience.

robin mcgraw

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Procedures

As we already mentioned, Robin admitted to having an eyebrow transplant to make them proportionate to her face. However, in addition to this, there are various other cosmetic procedures she had undergone, according to plastic surgeons. But she hasn’t been vocal about any of these.

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These Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery procedures include a possible neck lift and a facelift as there are no signs of wrinkles on her neck and face except for a few around her eyes. Besides, there also have been rumors of botox treatment.

Eyebrow Transplant

It is the only thing she ever admitted to having. According to her, she did it to bring her back into proportion. Robin attributed her eyebrows’ loss to tweezing them when she was younger, and they didn’t grow back.

Eyebrow transplant involves lifting a part of the scalp followed by removing a few hair follicles. The surgeon then places the follicle in the eyebrows region, and the hair starts to grow like normal hair growth.

Neck Lift And Facelift

If you look at old photos of Robin, you will clearly see wrinkles on both her neck and face. It is understandable as skin becomes loose with growing age and no one remains like their old self.

But there was a huge transformation recently as her wrinkles suddenly vanished out of nowhere. That’s the major reason fans and surgeons are not convinced that she had no cosmetic procedure other than an eyebrow surgery.

Botox And Fillers

Botox and fillers are common among people who undergo plastic surgery as these are the least harmful procedures. Surgeons opt for this treatment to remove wrinkles, but this doesn’t involve tightening saggy skin as in the complete facelift. Also, it differs from a facelift in terms of being specific to an area of the face.

As Robin McGraw face looks plum, people suspect her of using fillers for this purpose. But there are fewer chances of using fillers on lips despite being common among TV stars.

robin mcgraw plastic surgery before and after

Robin McGraw Before And After

By comparing Robin’s old and recent photos side-by-side, one can observe the changes in her facial structure. By having a look at Robin McGraw before and after photos, you can decide for yourself what the changes are and whether any of these is because of the above-mentioned mechanism.

Here are summarized changes we found in Robin Mcgraw’s pre and post-cosmetic surgery.

Face and cheeks, naturalFace and cheeks puffed, possibly because of fillers.
Lips are natural and less plumpNo changes in the lips
Wrinkles on the neck and faceNo wrinkles on the neck due to neck lift and facelift
Eyebrows are thin and shortThick eyebrows after an eyebrow transplant.

Robin McGraw Bio

  • Robin McGraw was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 28, 1953.
  • She has a twin brother and three sisters.
  • Her famous tv appearances include The Bold and the Beautiful, Entertainment Tonight, and The Insider.
  • She has been married to Phil McGraw, most commonly known as Dr.Phil, because of his show. She has two kids with him.
  • She has also written two well-acclaimed books, one being “From My Heart to Yours: Life Lessons on Faith, Family, and Friendship” and another one “Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose.”


In short, even at the age of 68 years, Robin McGraw has a charming face and looks 10-15 years younger. This led to rumors about her plastic surgery. Upon asking, she confirmed having an eyebrow transplant while surgeons are sure Robin McGraw plastic surgery is not limited to an eyebrow transplant. It included a facelift and neck lift to reduce wrinkles.


Did Robin McGraw have any plastic surgery?

Robin McGraw underwent an eyebrow transplant to make her eyebrows thicker and her face proportionate. Also, fans suspect her of having a neck lift and facelift to eliminate wrinkles.

How does Robin McGraw look so young?

Robin McGraw has maintained herself well through a good diet and exercise. However, her facial looks are because of the facelift that removed her wrinkles, making her look young.

Did Robin McGraw has facelift surgery?

According to cosmetic surgeons who look closely into these matters, she had facelift surgery to get rid of creases and wrinkles on her face. But any such statement never came from Robin herself.

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