Shocking details about Ryan Reynold’s plastic surgery

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Shocking details about Ryan Reynold's plastic surgery

Has Ryan Reynold had Plastic Surgery?

shocking details about ryan reynold's plastic surgery

ryan reynold

Just by the mention of the film “Deadpool”, everyone’s mind clicks Ryan Reynolds due to his breathtaking performance in the film. Since he was young, Reynold has graced our screens through his outstanding acting. That tells you that, since stepping into the acting scenes Reynold has been in the spotlight for long enough for his die-hard fans to detect any changes the actor undergoes, more so changes affecting his physical appearances.

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Although naturally, Ryan Reynolds is an attractively handsome man, in recent years his handsomeness has had the eyebrows raised. Yes, the question of whether he is 100% natural has sparked the whispers that have in turn given birth to the widespread rumors linking the actor with plastic surgery. Has he or hasn’t he had plastic surgery? If Yes, what kind of plastic surgeries has had the movie star? Let’s find out

What Plastic Surgeries Did Ryan Reynold Have?

You have heard it, I have heard it, we all have heard it. Yes, the rumors linking Ryan Reynolds to plastic surgery. The speculations that have led to the now widespread rumors have it that Reynolds must have gotten a helping hand to correct a few things here and there about his physical appearances. While it remains debatable whether or not Reynolds had a nose job and chin augmentation, it is speculated that the actor has for sure had a hair transplant and dental surgery.

Did Reynolds have a Hair Transplant?

A comparison between Ryan Reynolds before and after the alleged hair transplant will help us draw some meaningful conclusions on whether or not the “Deadpool” actor has had the cosmetic procedure. In his 1999 image, for instance, it is not hard for anyone to see that Reynolds’ hair was thinning out. He was experiencing some gradual hair loss at the age of 23 soon after casting the “Two Guys and a Girl”. In the picture, Reynolds’s hair seems to be pulling away from his forehead.

shocking details about ryan reynold's plastic surgery

In his 2003 pic, however, a drastic noticeable change seems to have taken place on Ryan Reynolds’ air. It seems to have grown fuller towards his forehead. This defies gravity, not unless the dead hair follicles on his scalp came back to live reviving the hair to grow, which is again impossible.

The noticeable change from a thinning hail into fully grown hair is what drives the speculation that the actor must have undergone either Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular unit transplant (FUT) between 1999 and 2003.

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Did He Undergo Dental Surgery?

Though his teeth had just minor problems of being inappropriately spaced and placed on the jaw, it is clear some improvement must have been done on them since Reynolds now has a much more decent smile than. Initially, Reynolds would fix his crooked dental alignment by wearing braces and some other stuff which he does no more after undergoing the alleged dental surgery. Just by a look at Reynolds’ dental alignment now, it is undeniable to conclude that the actor must have had some dental surgery in a bid to fix his crooked teeth. It is speculated that the “Deadpool” star must have veneers to be specific.

What Remains Unclear with Ryan Reynolds’ Plastic Surgery?

Did He Do Nose Job?

shocking details about ryan reynold's plastic surgery

The question of whether or not Reynolds had a nose job is an itchy issue. A comparison of his earlier on the pic and a recent image doesn’t show a prominent change on his nose. However, a close-up shot seems to reveal something. His nose bridge was initially broader than it is now. While a majority accredit this change to simply natural body development and maturity, another group of Ryan Reynolds followers speculates that it might be due to rhinoplasty. According to the latter, if at all Reynolds had a nose job, then it must have been a subtle one. 

Did He Undergo a Chin Augmentation?

Another aspect of Ryan Reynolds’ physical appearance that leaves many in thick darkness is the question of whether or not he has had chin implants. While some say that Reynolds’ chin appears to be reshaped, another good number argue that no noticeable change is evident on the actor’s chin. According to the chin implants proponents, the actor’s chin seems to have narrowed down over the years giving him a slightly different look from the way he looked when he stepped in the acting scenes. This, according to them is only achievable through the application of chin implants. As for the other lot, if at all Reynolds’ chin looks different, then it is simply due to aging.

What about Botox and Facelift?

Despite the whispers, rumors, and speculations attached to Ryan Reynolds’ plastic surgery, there are two cosmetic procedures that his fans seem to be unanimously agreeing on. They seem to all agree that Ryan Reynolds has neither undergone facelift nor the big “B”, Botox. However, it is anticipated that the actor might in the near future settle on them as the remedy for gradually impending old age that is characteristic of frowns, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skins among others. At the moment Reynolds just hit 40 years of age and he seems to be aging gracefully. With an exception of his hair transplant that seemed to have fixed his male baldness, in all other aspects Ryan Reynolds’ looks seem to match his age.

When Did Ryan Reynolds Undergo the Alleged Plastic Surgeries?

The matter of when and where exactly and even what the surgeon did which alleged plastic surgery can only be well addressed by Ryan Reynolds himself. But since he remains mum on the entire issue, his outspoken fans have taken the matter into their hands by working out within a certain range of years. As for the hair transplant, it is speculated to have taken place between the years 1999 and 2003 with reference to the actor’s pics. The dental surgery no one knows exactly when it occurred but is said to have taken place in between his teenage and early twenties.


It is undeniable that Ryan Reynolds is indeed one of the toughest pieces of work we have in the film industry today. However, his physical appearance has over the years hit the plastic surgery’s round table sparking up a heated discussion with the big question being on whether or not is the actor’s physical looks 100% natural. Even with all the speculations, what is your take on the whole issue? Has he or hasn’t he undergone plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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