Details about Selena Gomez’s plastic surgery

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Details about Selena Gomez's plastic surgery

Has Selena Gomez Had Plastic Surgery?

details about selena gomez's plastic surgery

selena gomez

When the name Selena Gomez is mentioned, Pop music, filmography, and fashion click into our heads. The Texas-born Pop singer has in recent days attracted gossips, speculations, and now the widespread rumors linking her to plastic surgery. Gomez grew up in the public eye and that tells you her followers are observant enough to notice any unnaturally-looking changes in her appearance. 

Initially, Selena possessed a cute baby face that any girl would kill to have. This contradicts her new adult-like looks which have raised many people’s eyebrows with a majority of her fans saying that she must have befriended plastic surgery. The question that has had many scratches on their heads is, has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Yes, Selena has had plastic surgery. To many, especially her fans on the defensive side think it is just rumors but the truth is, Selena Gomez has had several plastic surgeries which have in turn altered her appearance. Some credible sources have even dug out and found that the pop singer could be on a mission to fix the specifics that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber didn’t find attractive in her. So what plastic surgeries did she undergo?

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What Plastic Surgeries Did Selena Gomez Undergo?

In as far as plastic surgery is concerned, only Selena Gomez herself knows what procedures were performed on her, where, when, and by who. This however doesn’t mean that Selena hasn’t admitted doing plastic surgery. According to her confession, nose job, breast augmentation, lip augmentation, and Botox injections are at least the plastic surgeries behind new looks. As for her breast augmentation, the results didn’t come out as expected and thus forcing her to undergo a secondary procedure whereas her lip augmentation was done several times to achieve her current looks. It is also hard to believe that Selena Gomez has undergone Botox at her young age of twenties. For what purpose?

In What Ways did Nose Job Change Selena Gomez’s Appearance?

To begin with, it is worth noting that Selena Gomez has had to undergo four nose jobs in a bid to get her new nose look characteristic of narrower nostrils. Selena’s rhinoplasty seems to have worked wonders giving her a thin European-like nose that perfectly matches her face. Her photos after her nose job clearly show how her new slim nose matches her slim face and small body. The cosmetic procedure has seen the pop star completely lose her individuality besides making her look like another Hollywood silicon doll.details about selena gomez's plastic surgery

In her prior-to-nose job pics, Selena Gomez’s nose looks broader with wider nostrils. The drastic noticeable change in Selena Gomez’s nose can’t be achieved through mere exercising and proper dieting. No. Not even is the change naturally possible anywhere on earth.

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How was the whole Brest Augmentation process for Gomez?

As for Selena Gomez’s breast augmentation, it is worth noting that the actress had to do a secondary procedure after something reportedly went wrong during her first procedure. In her prior-to- breast augmentation images, Gomez’s breasts looked flat and small. This opposes her after-breast augmentation braless pic in which her boobs appear to be larger, tighter, more round, fuller, and juicier than before.details about selena gomez's plastic surgery

These observations have received a medical assertion from Dr. Jonathan Shifren who has accredited the drastic noticeable changes to plastic surgery, breast augmentation in particular.

The procedure seems to have worked so perfectly for Selena Gomez such that in recent days the singer has been proudly walking around without a bra as she shows off her new cleavage. What makes it clear that Gomez must have gotten a helping hand from breast augmentation is the fact that her boobs look larger and juicer and she doesn’t in recent days use push-up bras to boost her cleavage, thanks to the cosmetic procedure. In recent days Gomez’s cup size and bra size have increased significantly from 34A to 34DD.

Some of her ardent fans have also been keen enough to notice that Gomez’s nipples have slightly shifted from their normal position. Nipples are known to shift from their normal position in the case of a poor breast implant.

Why were Botox Injections Necessary to Gomez at her Age?

In recent days, most middle-aged Hollywood celebrities have in the recent days opted for the big B, Botox to serve as their anti-aging remedy. Having said this, one would probably be provoked to ask, why would a person as young as Selena Gomez use Botox injections? The Botox injections used by Selena Gomez seems to be working in a very peculiar manner. The procedures, besides eliminating all wrinkles and tightening her facial skin, seems to have given the Pop singer a more mature appearance. The actress should however be careful when using it at her young age since Botox is known to cause lumpy-looking skin and an inexpressive face. 

What are the details of Selena Gomez’s Lip Fillers?

Die-hard fans and critics of Selena Gomez will tell you the singer’s lips now are noticeably different from what they looked a few years ago. They are a little inclined down now as opposed to the way they looked before getting a helping to hand from the alleged lip injections. In her olden days, Gomez’s upper lip was proportionately thinner bring a mismatch on her face. As a confirmation that filler injections were used, Selena Gomez’s upper lip now equals the size of her lower lip. A naturally impossible change. details about selena gomez's plastic surgery

Selena Gomez’s lips puffier now than before, courtesy of a pouty lip look she went for in 2017. Gomez recently went for another lip fillers session where her lips were supposed to be filled with Restylane or Juvederm since they eventually got absorbed and need to be redone.

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Selena Gomez Plastic surgery is one that has attracted a lot of controversy amongst her fans as well as critics. While to some of her fans she looks just okay with the procedure, her critics on the other have been at the forefront of tearing her apart. Gomez’s critics say that the actress’s face is a puzzle made of facial parts comprising a wrinkle-free forehead, big and tight boobs, narrow nose, and big lips. What about you? What is your take on Selena Gomez’s plastic surgery? Kindly leave a comment.



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