Serena Williams Plastic Surgery: Before and After

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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams plastic surgery procedures have become a topic of debate among the people. Find out if she’s gotten any procedures done to change her look.

Serena Williams is arguably one of the best tennis players in the world right now, not only in the women’s category but in the men’s as well. As regards her plastic surgery procedures, she has undergone quite a few and does not shy away from modifying her looks with the help of these procedures. Serena William’s plastic surgery question has also raised quite a heated debate among the people. Here we are explaining in full detail the procedures she has done on herself.

Who is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is a professional tennis player belonging to the United States of America. She has received a lot of awards for different achievements in the tennis world. Ranked No. 1 for 319 consecutive weeks in the singles category by the Women’s Tennis Association, and has held the joint record for 186 consecutive weeks.

Thus we can say that she has made her mark in the tennis world. People are very proud of her achievements and many of them also want to know about her position in the plastic surgery world.

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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Procedures:

In order to give you a list, Serena Williams has done butt augmentation and has gotten breast implants, botox, and nose jobs. Mind you the tennis player has not admitted to using any of these procedures, but this hasn’t stopped people from making assumptions about them.

Although her presence in the sports world has kept a check on such talks by the people, since the sports industry does not face the same criticism when it comes to plastic surgery, the player is not at all immune to such censures. Many people still believe that she has gotten under the knife for plastic surgery procedures.

Nose Job:

The talks about these surgeries started when the player made an appearance with a completely fresh look at a magazine party held for the Hampton Magazine Cover. Some people attributed this new look to the use of makeup, but many people commented that the player had gotten a nose job to put up this new look of hers.

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Breast Implants:

The actress was also said to have gotten breast implants. People started noticing in 2015 that her breasts looked thicker and good shaped than those seen in her past pictures. This change can also be attributed to her rigorous training routines and sports activities since the breasts are bound to change their shape after such routines.

Butt Augmentation:

The fans have also accused the player of getting surgery done on her butt. People believed that the player got this surgery done due to the same reason she got her breast implants.

These rumors gained a lot of attention when some people started comparing photos of Serena Williams now with the young Serena William photos and started noticing the change in her butt size and shape. These rumors were also mostly just speculations as different pictures had the model in different poses and different standing positions. This lack of a proper source to confirm the surgery caused the rumors to die down easily.


Serena Williams has smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Many people have attributed this smoothness and freshness to the use of Botox, and have said that this look has been achieved through the use of Botox injections. We have not heard anything about Serena Williams eyebrows transplants.

serena williams plastic surgery before and after
serena williams plastic surgery: before and after 8

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After:

Since the tennis player herself has denied the use of any cosmetic surgeries, it would be difficult to characterize different changes in her looks before and after comparisons. We are explaining here the major changes in her looks over the years, but keep in mind that this does represent the actual surgeries done on the player.

Some of the major before and after changes in the looks of the model

No changes in nose shapeNose changed due to possible nose job
Breasts shape naturalBreasts are thick, and round due to possible breast implants
Butt shape normalPossible butt augmentation and changed shape
Face normal in looksFace fresh and clean due to possible botox

Serena Williams Bio

  • Serena Williams was born in the US in 1981. She is 40 years of age.
  • She has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles
  • She was the world’s highest-paid athlete in 2016 and earned about $29 million that year.
  • She made the Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes in 2017 and was the first woman to make her way into this category.


Although the Serena William plastic surgery is one that calls for a good debate to settle, we can conclude for the time being that she is a player who has denied getting any procedures done on her to improve her looks. She does not shy away from being open about her looks, and people also need to realize that spreading rumors about celebrities who are open about their looks is not exactly a good thing. What do you think about the player and her looks? Tell us in the comments, we love reading them.


What did Serena William’s new look like?

Serena Williams’ face started looking fresh and clean, and her breasts and butt also gained proper shape. People started to notice this new look of hers and started calling her out for plastic surgeries to get this look.

Why was Serena Williams hospitalized?

Serena Williams had a blood clot in her lungs and was admitted to the hospital to remove it. She was not in a critical condition though, and the doctors removed the clot easily without any complications. The player is completely healthy now and continues to shine in the tennis arena.

Did Serena Williams ever have surgery?

According to the player herself, she has not gotten any plastic surgery done on her. But other surgeries are pretty common among athletes like herself, who can get injured easily during their practices and matches. As far as plastic surgeries are concerned, the player has denied getting any, but this has not stopped the people from assumptions.

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