Shania Twain before and after plastic surgery

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About Shania Twain

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Shania Twain

Shania Twain who was originally named Eilleen Regina Edwards is a Canadian-born artist and a song-writer. She became popular in the mid-1990s after combining pop and country music. On releasing the 1997’s ‘Come on Over’ hit album, the crossover artist greatly moved her audience. It was the best-selling album in history. Shania Twain is the artist behind ‘The Woman in Me (1995).’

Twain’s Early Life

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A young Twain

Eilleen Regina Edwards who would later change to Shania was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her change of name to Shania Twain resulted after her mother divorced Clarence Edwards and married Jerry Twain. At the age of ten Twain portrayed a great passion for music and at the age of 13, she got an invitation to perform on the CBC’s Tommy Hunter.

While studying at the Timmins High and Vocational School, Twain belonged to the Longshot band where she did covers of the then Top 40 Music. After graduating from Timmins High and Vocational School, Twain was more than eager to start her music career and she immediately started performing in different clubs. In 1991 while still singing at clubs, Shania drew the attention of producer Norro Wilson and she was taken to Nashville, Tennessee where she recorded her very first album, ‘Shania Twain’.

Shania Twain’s Career

Her first album, ‘Shania Twain’ only sold a hundred thousand copies before she later met producer Robert John (“Mutt”) Lange with whom she did a quite commendable production and song-writing job. Two years later, Shania Twain made a thunderous comeback by releasing, ‘The Woman in Me”, her second album. The album, besides selling over 18 million copies saw Shania Twain get away with a Grammy Award as the year’s country album. However, ‘The Woman in Me’ was not the end as in 1997 Shania Twain dropped her most iconic album, ‘Come On Over ‘ which sold over ten million copies besides making her the bestselling female country musician. Ever since Twain’s name in the music industry has been on top of the list.

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Shania Twain performing

Shania Twain’s Relationship/Family Life

Shania Twain was born under the name Eileen Regina Edwards in Windsor, Canada on the 28 of August 1965. She is the daughter of Sharon Morrison and Clarence Edwards. Her name changed from Eileen Regina Edwards to Shania when her mother divorced Clarence Edwards and married Jerry Twain. Shania has two sisters Carrie Ann and Jill and a half-brother named Mark.

Twain’s relationship and marriage life are quite interesting. Shania met her first love Robert John “Mutt” Lange in 1993 when he offered to produce her songs. In the same year, the duo got too close resulting in an inevitable marriage on the 28th of December 1993. The couple however broke up in 2008 following an affair involving Mr. Lange and Marie-Anne, Twain’s best friend. Interestingly, two years after her divorce, Shania Twain got engaged to Swiss Nestlé with whom she married on the 1st of January 2011. In the same year, she released her autobiography going by the title ‘From This Moment On’.

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Twain and her husband

Shania Twain’s Net Worth

Shania Twain has been named the best-selling female country artist after selling over 100 million records. Owing to her successful career Twain’s net worth shoot up to $ 400 million as of the year 2020.

Did Shani Twain Undergo Plastic Surgery?

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Before plastic surgery

Being a renowned celebrity, Shania has been in the spotlight for a long time. For this reason, the country singer finds it hard to hide from the public vicinity and that is why her new youthful appearance at the age of 50’s sparked speculations of a possible plastic surgery from mostly her audience’s corner. Though she hasn’t spoken about undergoing plastic surgery, most plastic surgeons are on record saying that Twain must have undergone at least filler injections and Botox.

shania twain: singer shocks fans with new face!
Before and after plastic surgery

According to Plastic Surgery experts, her smooth, wrinkleless forehead shows a possible application of Botox. Besides, the 54-year old is allegedly said to have had a possible filler plumber for her cheeks since they are no longer saggy as was the case initially. Shania Twain’s eyes are noticeably ‘exotic’, again raising the eyebrows of possible plastic surgery. Having a close look at Twain’s skin, it is easy to notice that she has strikingly beautiful skin which leaves Plastic surgeons with the speculation that she must have had some laser treatments.

did shania twain get work done to her face? plastic surgeons weigh in!
After plastic surgery


Shania Twain is definitely one of the most successful female artists of the time. Taking a keen observation at her forehead, skin, and eyes does Twain looks equally adorable and admirable too. However, does her beauty reflect a typical woman in her fifties? Do you suspect Shania has had plastic surgery? Leave a comment.

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