Do you think Smokey Robinson has had plastic surgery?

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Has Smokey Robinson had Plastic Surgery?

do you think smokey robinson has had plastic surgery?

smokey robinson

Looking at Smokey Robinson one can’t easily tell he is an 81-year-old man. The Miracles’ musician appears to be 20 years younger than his real age. Robinson’s real age and appearance don’t just match at all. He looks so youthful yet he is a senior citizen. What could be the underlying reason behind this? Is it 100% natural? Did the living legend have to get the helping handoff plastic surgery? Let’s find out  

What Plastic Surgeries did Smokey Robinson have?

Even though Smokey Robinson has never publicly confessed having had plastic surgery, speculations have it that he is a product of cosmetic treatments. Followers believe that their eyes don’t lie since from just a look, they can identify some unnaturalness in the singer’s looks. From observation, it has been concluded that Robinson didn’t have one plastic surgery but several. The record producer is also said to have suffered botched cosmetic procedures. In short, Robinson is said to have had a number of cosmetic procedures ranging from Botox, facelift, neck lift, eyelift, brow lift, and fillers at least.

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Did he Have Botox?

Both you and I know that it is inevitable for an 80-year-old to have a forehead dominated by wrinkles, fine lines, expression marks, and, all manner of flaws. This, however, is not the case with Smokey Robinson as his forehead skin appears to be smooth, wrinkleless, and tight. The forehead just appears to be unnaturally youthful and hence Botox has been accused of working such wonders since naturally, a typical 80-year-old can’t have such a baby-like forehead.

 Has Robinson had a Facelift or Neck Lift?

If you have an eye for detail it won’t take you long before the difference in Smokey Robinson’s face especially if you have known him long enough. With regards to the musician’s plastic surgery, his facelift has been one of the most criticized procedures since it appears to have been botched up. While a facelift is known to do away with the loose saggy skin on one’s face, Robinson’s facelift seems to have overstretched his facial skin, leaving it completely wrinkled, and baby-smooth. He just looks so unnatural. 

do you think smokey robinson has had plastic surgery?

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Robinson seems to have extended the same courtesy to his neck which previously had droopy skin as seen in his past pictures. Contrary to his facelift, his neck lift was successful wiping away all the saggy skins giving him a rejuvenated fresh look.  

What about Eyelift and Browlift?

As one ages, some bags of skin start developing below around the eye area, and at the same excess skins form around the eyelids. 81-year-old Robinson seems to have received the helping hand of an eyelift since all the skin bags and wrinkles below his eyes have perfectly been removed. The excess skin on the eyelids has been well stretched out as well. This gives every indication of a brow lift since it seems to have defied gravity. This procedure in particular was appraised by many for working wonders to the musician.

It is the norm for the skin around the brow and forehead to become loose as one age. The reason behind this is the weakening of the underlying muscles. Naturally, it is impossible to strengthen the muscles and hence restore the skin into its tightened-up state. However, with a brow lift, it is possible. Smokey Robinson seems to have sought the assistance of a brow lift since the skin bags and wrinkles that previously dominated his eye area seem to have faded away, leaving behind flawless tight skin around the area. This procedure, however, appears to have been botched since the eyes brows appear to have been raised way too far from their normal location on the face.

Has he had Fillers?

With the advancement in age, one’s baby fat gets lost and so was the case with Smokey Robinson. His cheeks were gradually becoming flat before the sudden ‘miracle’ that puffed up the cheeks. It is speculated that Robinson’s cheeks got some filler cosmetic treatment since his cheeks appear to be puffier than they were initially. Some other lots of followers believe that most cosmetic procedures and especially Botox was laced with fillers since his face appears to be generally swollen up and broader.  

do you think smokey robinson has had plastic surgery?

What is the Experts’ Take on Smokey Robinson’s Plastic Surgery?    

The above allegations have received the professional back up as plastic surgeons way into the matter. According to the board-certified facial plastic surgeon and world-renowned facial feminization surgeon, Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, Robinson has done several plastic surgeries. . “He has had Botox to the forehead and around the eyes, a brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty along with filler to the cheekbones, a neck lift, and new veneer,” the plastic surgeon asserts.

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Dr. Mardirossian’s opinion was supported by yet another certified facial plastic surgeon in NYC, Dr. Andrew Miller, who says, “From the photos, it looks like he may have had rhinoplasty at some time because his nose is thinner now than in earlier photos… He also probably had some fillers in his cheeks because the hollows in his cheeks under his eyes in his midlife photos are now filled in his most recent photo. Finally, he may have had eyelid surgery because you can see a bigger crease above each eye than in his younger years.”


Even though Smokey Robinson has never confessed to having had plastic surgery, he has been said to a plastic surgery addict due to the allegedly many plastic surgeries he has undergone. He has had successful cosmetic procedures and at the same time botched plastic surgeries. This has led his followers to spit mixed reactions on the issue. You, being one of his followers you haven’t been locked out of the opinion table. So, that being the case, what is your take on Smokey Robinson’s plastic surgery? Share your thoughts. 


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