Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery – In The Past And In Recent Years

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Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery

Teresa Guidice Plastic Surgery procedures have left her looking more youthful and attractive. Find out the procedures she has got done and their effects on her.

The star of the popular show ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey has had her fair share of plastic surgeries done over the years. With several nose jobs, breast implants, and botox surgeries, she has put a lot of effort into keeping her face and body looking at the top of their game.

Although Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery procedures and the resulting physical changes in her have also raised a lot of criticism over the years, the actress does not shy away from the cameras concerning her looks. She is often vocal about her surgeries.

Here we are discussing various surgeries Teresa Giudice has had in recent, and past years, so you can see for yourself what the actress does to maintain her physical looks.

Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery Procedures:

Some of the major procedures done on the actress include:

  • Nose jobs
  • Breast implants
  • Botox surgeries and lip filling

Nose Jobs:

Teresa Giudice went for a nose job in early 2021, following in the footsteps of her daughter, Gia, who had also had plastic surgery earlier that year. According to various interviews, the actress was not so sure about the surgery at first, but when Teresa Giudice daughters were getting surgeries done, she had to go for one for herself too.

After getting the nose job done, however, she felt a lot more confident and better, as she revealed in an interview with The Sun in 2021. She showed her nose job when she appeared as a keynote speaker at the New Jersey Ultimate Women’s Expo and told the audience that she was very nervous before getting the surgery but was feeling a lot better once it was done.

In short, she seemed satisfied with the nose job and was happy to go for it. Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend after her divorce, Luis Ruelas, did raise some concerns about the nose job, but he accepted it as the actress herself was satisfied with it. Teresa Giudice boyfriend is also very rich and has a net worth of about $2 Million.

teresa giudice nose job

Breast Implants:

The actress has been wearing breast implants since early 2008 and chose to get the breasts redone in 2020. She made this decision after careful consideration and was aware of the backlash she could get after getting the implants. In an interview, Giudice mentioned that she was nervous to get her implants redone, but also wanted to feel like her best self.

Teresa Giudice plastic surgery, especially in terms of breast implants, has raised a lot of criticism over the years from her fans and the general public. The major backlash to the surgery was due to the health-related changes associated with the implants, as many people pointed out the various ill effects of the implants on the body.

Many fans went so far as to point to her the cancerous effects of the implants. The actress herself went for the implants that had the least complication rates associated with them and urged others to do the same, as faulty implants can have very deleterious effects on the body.

Botox Surgeries:

The actress also has gotten various botox surgeries done over the years and used lip fillers. While most of the fans appreciated the new looks she showed in Instagram pictures, some fans were also seen commenting negative comments about the overuse of plastic and botox surgeries.

Many fans have criticized her over the years for her overdone lips and too many fillers used in the cheeks and other areas of the face. Although this hasn’t stopped the actress from getting more surgeries done, some of the comments on her pictures reach her and can threaten her mental well-being.

Many fans were also positive about her changed looks and appreciated her for her inside as well as outside beauty. Take a year-wise look at the changes Teresa Giudice has made in terms of her looks:

Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery – Before And After



Baggy eyes Bags removed from the eyes

Loose skin on neck and face

The skin on the face and neck tightening
Less refreshed look More refreshed look
Less youthful and attractive in the public eye More youthful and attractive in the public eye


In 2009, when Real Housewives of New Jersey(RHONJ) aired, everyone thought of Teresa as natural beauty but little did everyone know she had her breasts augmented while filming the first season of this famous reality TV show in 2008. Her breasts’ augmentation was the plotline of the debut season.


The following year after the show attracted people’s attention, the audience slowly started noticing changes in Teresa’s physique. Fans started asking questions about her undergoing any cosmetic procedures; still, she always answered these questions with a no, as she didn’t feel comfortable opening up about these things then.


With age, everyone expects changes in the body, but Teresa seemed as young as she was when the show started while being the mother of four children in 2013. Fans became more and more confident about the star undergoing medical procedures to keep herself in shape for the show and media.


Fast forward 5 years to 2018, when she was the mother of six children, changes in her body were more prominent than ever. That’s when she opened up about undergoing cosmetic surgeries. In a show hosted by Andy Cohen, she admitted to swapping her breast implants, which indicated that it was not her first time and that she had undergone this procedure.


In 2019 she again confessed to undergoing a nose job to make her feel more confident about her body and looks.


Recently, because of undergoing all these procedures, she looked completely different from the first time she appeared on RHONJ. It took 2 breast implants and a nose job, including various other minor procedures in 13 years, to attain this shape.

teresa giudice breast implants

Teresa Giudice Bio:

  • Teresa Giudice was born in 1972, she is 50 years of age
  • She was married to Joe Giudice for about 26 years
  • She has three daughters, Audrianna, Gabriella, and Gina
  • She rose to fame after her role in the show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
  • She has also published several books. The most recent one was released in 2017 and is titled ‘Standing Strong’


Teresa Giudice net worth is about $500,000. Teresa Giudice plastic surgery procedures cost her a lot, but she does not shy away from spending a large percentage of this sum for this purpose. As far as the opinions of the fans are considered about the plastic surgery procedures, they are right to some extent. But the fans also need to realize that if the surgeries make the actress feel better about herself, she should be allowed to undergo any and all of them.

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Did Teresa Giudice undergo cosmetic surgeries?

Yes, Teresa Giudice underwent cosmetic surgeries, including breast implants and a nose job, since she first appeared on RHONJ.

How many breast implants did Teresa Giudice have?

Teresa Giudice had 2 breast implants; the first one was in 2008 when the first season of RHONJ was being filmed, and the second one was in 2018. These both were of the same size as she disclosed in 2018

Did Teresa Giudice have her teeth done?

Unlike her co-stars, she decided to keep her original teeth but to make her smile more appealing, she opted for Invisalign treatment.

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