Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tom Cruise plastic surgery rumors have been around for quite a while now. Find out whether the actor really has gotten under the knife to change his looks

The Mission Impossible and Top Gun star, Tom Cruise left the fans surprised and in awe of his looks when he appeared in the recent Queen Jubilee celebrations. Many fans appreciated the changes in her face and praised her for his fuller and healthier face. Many of them said that the actor was looking very good during the party.

At the same time, some of the fans noticed that his face looked very different from his past pictures and attributed these changes to his botched attempts at getting cosmetic surgeries and face fillers. Thus the Tom Cruise plastic surgery debate is a heated one and has been around for quite a while now.

Who is Tom Cruise?

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, also known by his nickname Tom Cruise is an American actor who rose to fame in the 1980s due to his fresh and clean-cut looks and versatile acting performances. Cruise was born in 1962 in the US and has been acting for more than 40 years at this point.

The actor, who has performed in many films and shows, started his acting career by acting in the 1980s film Endless Love. His Mission Impossible film series is a worldwide phenomenon these days, which the actor has acted in as well as produced. The Top Gun movie series is also very famous and is critically acclaimed worldwide.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Procedures

Many fans have criticized the actor for getting plastic surgery to improve his facial features. Is there any truth to this claim or are these only rumors to tarnish the image of the author? Let’s find out for ourselves.

The actor himself has denied getting any procedures to improve his facial features and overall looks. This statement should itself be sufficient to put an end to all the rumors about his plastic surgeries. But fans believe that the changes in his face are too good to be just natural ones, so many of them have speculated that the actor must have gotten several procedures, like a nose job, hair transplants, and botox surgeries. They have also suspected the actor of using teeth veneers to make his teeth look better.

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Many of these rumors arose when fans started comparing Tom Cruise young photos to some of his more recent ones. We are going to explore all the changes in his looks one by one.

tom cruise plastic surgery

Hair Transplants

At the age of about sixty, the hair of the actor has thinned only slightly. When fans compared the Tom Cruise 2021 photos and even some of his more recent ones to older ones, they noticed that the hair has not thinned a lot. This may have been due to possible hair transplants done by the actor since the hair naturally falls and thin out at such an age as his. Thus there might be some credibility in the hair transplant rumors.

Nose Job

Rumors about Tom Cruise getting a nose job started back in 2012 when fans noticed that the nose of the actor looked different. When Tom was asked about getting any nose jobs to achieve this change, he said that he had never had any surgery and never would.

Teeth Veneers

Tom Cruise teeth before and after the movie Outsiders were very different according to fans. The previous teeth were misaligned and yellow in color. This led fans to believe that the actual teeth of the actor were really like this. Thus when the actor showed up with clean and sparkly teeth to premier after some time, fans were surprised to see his fresh and clean-looking teeth.

This led many of them to believe that the actor had gotten teeth veneers to help him achieve perfect teeth and a beautiful grin.

This rumor can easily be false since actors often use fake teeth and make-up to allow them to achieve a specific look. Tom might have used makeup to make the teeth yellow in the film and when the role was done, he might have restored the original color. Thus this rumor is not completely based on facts.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before And After

Since the actor himself has denied getting any procedures done, the comparisons between his before and after pictures might not always reflect plastic surgeries. Some of the changes might easily be due to the natural aging process of his face.

Nose shape naturalNose changed due to possible nose job
Less fluffy cheeksFull cheeks due to possible filler use
Hair thick and shinyThick hair at sixty years suggestive of hair transplants

Tom Cruise Bio

  • Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, United States, in 1962
  • He suffered from dyslexia in his childhood
  • He is one of the world’s highest-paid actors
  • He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and has won three Golden Globe Awards.
  • He has also gotten an Honorary Palme d’Ór
  • He is best known for his roles in the movie series Mission Impossible and Top Gun
tom cruise


Now you everything there is needed to know about Tom Cruise plastic surgery. Mind that all the surgeries we discussed are based on various rumors by the fans and on the opinions of various experts. The actor himself has denied getting anything done on his face and body. Still, comparing the before and after pictures of the actor gives a good insight into his facial changes over the years.


Did Tom Cruise have plastic surgery?

The changes in the face and overall looks of the actor might reveal to some viewers that he has gotten under the knife. But the actor himself has denied all such rumors about changing his looks. Thus we can not say for sure if the actor had any plastic surgery, but there does exist substantial evidence to say that he had.

How much plastic surgery has Tom Cruise had?

Tom Cruise’s overall appearance might suggest that he has gotten some procedures done on his face, including face filling, botox surgeries, and hair transplants. But the actor has said that he has not gotten any of these surgeries. Thus we can not say for sure how many surgeries he has gotten, though there are considerable changes in the before and after looks to suggest otherwise.

What disease does Tom Cruise have?

Tom Cruise has been suffering from Dyslexia all his life and has been trying to hide it from his peers. He could barely read in high school or through his early days.

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