Tom Cruise plastic surgery best thing you need to know in 2021

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tom cruise plastic surgery

Has Tom Cruise had Surgery?


tom cruise plastic surgery

tom cruise plastic surgery

Being a celebrity is not easy at all. It is even more demanding to be a Hollywood celebrity not only based on your content but your physical appearance as well. The pressure to remain competitive in the film industry in particular has seen many celebrities opt for plastic surgery in a bid to look more impressive to their fans.

Tom Cruise plastic surgery, being a sought-after actor is no exception once it comes to plastic surgery rumors. Despite being on the acting scenes for over three decades now, the “Mission Impossible” actor doesn’t seem to age at all. His looks don’t reflect a typical 58-year old. One wouldn’t be mistaken to conclude that Cruise might have opted for some cosmetic procedures in a bid to postpone as well as deny the devastations of age.

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What Plastic Surgeries is Tom Cruise Said to Have Done?


The center of all the plastic surgery speculations has been his face. Tom Cruise has been in the spotlight for long enough such that it is never hard for his die-hard fans and critics to notice the slightest change in his looks. Furthermore, Cruise is a frequently photographed person and therefore any noticeable changes pertaining to his appearance are easy to spot. It is for this reason that a look at his nose, teeth, forehead, cheeks, and hairline tells a story beyond the power of nature.

A nose job, dental surgery, Botox, laser treatment, and facelift owe us an explanation as far as the actor’s recent looks are concerned. Out of all these speculated cosmetic procedures, dental surgery is one thing that remains clear to everyone. Unlike most celebrities, Cruise has also confidently admitted undergoing a nose job and the big “B”, Botox.


Why Rhinoplasty?


Even before his confirmation, a comparison between Cruise’s “prior to” pic and his recent pics would clearly implicate that some cosmetic works had been done on his nose. In his before images, cruise’s nose had a broad nasal bridge and large tip. This contradicts his looks now whereby his nasal bridge looks narrower with a smaller tip being the distinctive feature of his nose.

The new-look of his nose seems to sit perfectly on his gorgeous face adding a point to his natural handsomeness. This cosmetic procedure is one that doesn’t call for heated debate amongst fans and critics since the actor has himself admitted having undergone a nose job to correct the shape and the size of his nose.


His confession came in 2016 while he addressed reporters at the BAFTA red carpet. Cruise however didn’t specify the details regarding when he first got his rhinoplasty, how many times he had to do the procedure or even the cost he incurred on the specific procedure.


Why was it Necessary to Have a Dental Surgery?

what you know about tom cruise plastic surgery


As evident in the film, “The Outsiders” Tom Cruise had crooked teeth. The actor didn’t have one of the best dental alignment at the early stages of his career. In fact information from his childhood friends has it that at times Tom Cruise had to cover his crooked with a cap when smiling since he was simply not comfortable with it at all. However, years later Cruise’s teeth look awesome with the warmest and the brightest smile ever.

Thanks to braces, the good dentist behind the professional work gave Tom Cruise the confidence to widely smile in public since nature couldn’t do this. 


How important was Botox Important to Cruise?


Tom Cruise is one Hollywood actor who couldn’t sit back and watch his skin develop wrinkles and fine lines with the impending old age. The urge to fight these flaws saw the “Mission Impossible” actor opt for the big “B”, Botox which seems to have worked wonders for him. In fact, the actor seemed to have been satisfied with the procedure so much that he didn’t hesitate to share his Botox details with his fans. Cruise went public confessing that he has had Botox on his forehead, cheeks, as well as chin.


The result is evident since the skin around those areas seems tightened and flawless. Tom Cruise’s confession was further confirmed by his friend and former co-star Cuba Gooding, Jr. who revealed in an interview that he found Tom at his home one time in the middle of a session with his plastic surgeon.

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Has Tom Cruise Had Facelift?


A comparison between his before and after pics forms the basis of speculations linking Tom Cruise to a facelift. In his earlier images, Cruise had lots of sagging skins around his face, and that was more evident when he smiled. In his recent images, however, the sagging skins seem to have disappeared all of sudden. If we look up nature for our intervention then such a drastic change will remain a miracle. In other words, it looks like the actor sought the intervention of facelift to counteract his aging looks. The tightened look around his jaw and the droop around his brows seem to have been corrected. Such noticeable changes pay allegiance to facelift and not nature.

fresh details about tom cruise plastic surgery


Has He had Fillers?


Even though Cruise has never said a thing about having fillers, a section of his fans does believe that the actor has filler injections. This speculation is anchored on the observation that his recent images portray his cheeks being puffier and at the same time his face looks swollen. This contradicts his earlier on pics and hence where his face looked less puffy and hence paving way filler injection speculations.


Has Tom Cruise had a Hair Transplant?


At the age of fifties, it is expected that most people start experiencing hair thinning. This however is not the case with the 58-year old Tom Cruise since his hairline doesn’t seem to have receded even a bit. It looks the same way it was 20 years ago. While some attach this observation to the actor’s genes, in 2017 some sources revealed to the National Enquirer that Cruise has been a do-or-die fan of hair transplant for quite a while. This forms the basis of the hair transplant speculations even though has never come out openly about the allegations.



Revealing one’s plastic surgery details is the hardest thing for most celebrities. It is for this reason that Tom Cruise deserves a round of applause for being bold enough to confess his rhinoplasty and Botox cosmetic procedures. But wait a minute, what about the procedures he hasn’t admitted but has been the talk of the city? Do you think the “Mission Impossible” actor has had other plastic surgeries other than the ones he has admitted to? Share your thoughts.

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