Do you think Travis Scott has had plastic surgery?

by Reema
Do you thin Travis Scott has had plastic surgery?

Has Travis Scott had Plastic Surgery?

do you thin travis scott has had plastic surgery?

travis scott

Young, handsome, and talented are the words that can be used to describe Travis Scott. When the pages of rap music are perused, there definitely be a chapter on Travis Scott, courtesy of his supper rapping. From albums like “Days Before Rodeo” and “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” to hit singles like “3500” and “Antidote”, Scott has indeed graced our screens through his super talent. 

However, as it is the norm for some little rain to befall everyone’s life, Scott has been a subject of plastic surgery rumors and speculations away from music. Just like his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner, Scott has had his fair share of plastic surgery rumors. Yes, rumors you and I have heard. The saying, “show me your friend, and I’ll tell you your character,” would be the most suitable to describe Scott’s alleged plastic surgery in relation to Jenner. The big question, however, is, has he or hasn’t he had plastic surgery? Walk with me, and let’s find out.

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What Plastic Surgeries has had Travis Scott?

 Just like many other celebrities out there, Travis Scott has never admitted or denied the plastic surgery allegations pinned on him. However, despite his silence on the matter, his fans seem to believe that the eye never lies. This is because Scott has been in the limelight for long enough for his die-hard followers to notice any particular changes made to his physical appearance quickly. As one advance in age, various common changes must be witnessed in his/her physical appearance. However, as for the rapper, some physical changes are questionable.

A close comparison of Scott’s previous verses presents pictures that seem to be telling more than just a story. A look at his “then” versus “now” nose, face, and eyebrows shows apparent defiance of gravity. From such observations, it has been concluded that the rapper must have at least had a nose job, complete facelift, and a brow lift. Let’s dig deeper to surface some more evidence.

Has Scott had a Nose job?

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and a close comparison of the rapper’s past versus present pics seems to be more than just a story. If there is one body part whose shape doesn’t change with age is the nose. However, Scott’s nose seems to have undergone some shape-metamorphosis since coming to the spotlight. In his previous pictures and appearances, the rapper’s nose appears to have a broad bulbous shape. The nostrils, too, are wide.

In his recent pics and present appearance, Scott’s nose appears to be smaller in size and the nostrils narrower. This noticeable change has been linked to plastic surgery, a nose job too specific since naturally, it is not possible for the nose to change its shape in such a manner. 

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These allegations have received backing sentiments from some plastic surgery experts who argue that that the rapper must have gone under the surgeon’s knife to alter its shape. In addition, these experts complement the surgeon behind Scott’s alleged rhinoplasty, saying that it was a procedure done skillfully, giving the rapper a more admirable appearance. According to them, the nose now matches his face.

Has the Rapper had a Facelift?

Being a celebrity calls for one to try to be the best and be physically impressive and attractive. The pressure to remain competitive in the industry has seen many celebrities go plastic surgeries such as a facelift. Being one of the most idolized rappers in the world, Travis Scott is alleged to have taken the facelift road to make his face more palatable. It is speculated that Scott did a full facelift that involved a skillful skin tightening because his facial skin does even show the slightest flaws associated with a typical man of his age. 

travis scott face lift rumours circulate after rapper steps out at 'look  mom i... - capital xtra

Normally, the more the years advance, the more one adopts an adult facial appearance. However, as for Scott, the story is different. It seems to be the reverse of the normal since he seems to be adopting a baby-face every other day despite his advancement in age. His skin doesn’t even the slightest sagginess. This appearance has been linked to a full facelift since, naturally, it is impossible.

Did Scott Go for a Browlift?

A look at Scott’s eye area reveals more that nature can account for. Again, comparing the rapper’s past images and his recent ones seems to be the surest way used by his followers to surface more supportive information pertaining to his alleged brow lift. In his initial appearances, Scott’s brows appear to be droopy and much closer to the eyes. On the contrary, in his recent appearances, the rapper’s eyebrows appear to be slightly higher than their usual location on the eye. This noticeable change is what seems to form the hotspot for the brow lift allegations pinned on the rapper since, naturally, such a change is impossible.


The only people who know for sure whether Travis Scott had plastic surgery or not is he and his surgeon if any. This is because the rapper has never responded to the allegations at any given time. His silence, however, keeps on provoking more speculations from his followers. Now that Scott has never shed light on his whole plastic surgery story, what is your take on it? Do you this he has had plastic surgery or not? Kindly share your thoughts.

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