Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Carson Wayne Newton, most commonly known as Wayne Newton, is an American singer and actor. He came under the scrutiny of fans after his appearance in The Bachelorette in 2018. His young fans could not even recognize him because of huge changes in his looks, after Wayne Newton plastic surgery procedures.

It was clear from his looks that he had undergone some surgery to keep himself looking young and up to industry standards. But it seems like Wayne Newton plastic surgery went wrong. Instead of looking young, his face looked like a face in a wax statue.

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Just like many other celebrities who underwent these medical procedures, he never admitted to undergoing any surgery. Fans are sure these rumors are not just rumors. According to experts, Wayne underwent these surgeries to remove wrinkles from his face to look young. But things went south and didn’t turn out great.

Keep reading to find out what kind of medical procedures he underwent to get rid of those wrinkles and look young. We will also take a look at what went wrong during these procedures.

wayne newton

Who Is Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton is an American singer and actor famous for his singing. Danke Schoen, Daddy, Years, and Don’t you walk so fast are some of his best songs. He is such a good entertainer in Las Vegas that people even gave him many nicknames. Some of those names that got famous are Mr. Los Vegas, The Midnight Idol, and Mr. Entertainment.

Since childhood, he was passionate about becoming a singer and formed a band with his brother Jerry. Together they performed on ABC’s Ozark Jubilee. Soon an agent noticed them and called for an audition, where they got selected. Thus his career started in this way.

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Procedures

As evident from the online videos and photos, he surely went for Botox to remove his wrinkles. But that’s a routine procedure; most people use it for cheek filling and wrinkle removal.

In addition to this, according to some experts, there is a complete facelift along with a eyebrows lift. If you focus a little more, eyebrows are also unable to move because of the Botox on the forehead. Some people also suggest a sharp jawline, but changes in that part of the face are not so prominent. Therefore we can say nothing about whether he got his jawline shaved.

Botox And Fillers

Botox is a common treatment in plastic surgery, and most actors and actresses go for it at some point. It basically involves the removal of current wrinkles and stopping muscle contraction for some time. This prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. Thus it gives a person a new look and makes him look young.

But in the case of Wayne Newton, maybe it was overdone. It removed the wrinkles, but it also took away the natural human look from his face making him look like a wax statue.

Brow Lift

In case you are unaware, a brow lift is a cosmetic procedure used by cosmetic surgeons to lift eyebrows. People usually go for it in case they have uneven eyebrows. Wayne Newton plastic surgery, according to many surgeons, also involves brow lift as these are raised from their position. This procedure also removed wrinkles from his forehead.


Wayne Newton also underwent facelift surgery to remove sagging skin from his face to look younger. It basically involves removing extra skin from cheeks and jawline areas to make a person feel good about his face.

Cosmetic Surgeons don’t opt for a facelift commonly as it can go horribly wrong. Instead of looking young, a person may look much older. Fats and extra skin are also removed from the neck; many people confuse it with jawline changes in Wayne Newton.

wayne newton plastic surgery before and after

Wayne Newton Before And After

Although Wayne Newton has not confessed to undergoing these medical procedures. Yet, looking at his before and after photos, one can see the changes in his face. After carefully observing, we found the following changes as a result of the procedures described above.

Face and cheeks, naturalFace and cheeks puffed due to possible fillers
Eyebrows naturalEyebrows lifted upward because of brow lift
Wrinkles on the cheeks and foreheadWrinkle removed from the whole face because of botox
The jawline is natural and less sharpSharp and prominent jawline because of a probable facelift

Wayne Newton Bio

  • On April 3, 1942, Wayne Newton was born in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.
  • When he was 10 years old, his family moved to Arizona as the climate there was better for his health.
  • He was always passionate about music from the beginning, so he was always focused on this career.
  • He established himself as the best entertainer in Las Vagas after singing songs like Danke Schoen and Red Roses for a Blue Lady.
  • He has two kids, one with his former wife Elaine Okamura, whom he divorced in 1985, and one with his current wife, Kathleen McCrone.


In order to maintain his youth look, Wayne Newton opted for plastic surgery. This Wayne Newton Plastic surgery indeed removed wrinkles from his face, but it also messed up his human-looking face. Though he may not admit or deny it, everyone is sure he has undergone certain medical procedures as this is not a natural look.


What happened to the face of Wayne Newton?

Wayne Newton has undergone several cosmetic surgeries to keep himself looking young. But maybe he has overdone it, and that’s why it appears his face is melting.

What type of cosmetic surgery does Wayne Newton have?

According to cosmetic surgeon Anthony Youn, Wayne Newton underwent several facelifts and brow lifts. He also went for wrinkles removal by botox and lips and cheeks fillers. He did all this to make his face look puffed.

Did Wayne Newton has surgery to sharpen his jawline?

Wayne Newton didn’t undergo any specific surgery for jawline sharpness. But as a part of the facelift, skin, and fats were removed from the jawline area. That’s why it looks a bit sharp.

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