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Drake Bell

On 29th December 2005, Drake Bell was involved in a road accident in Los Angeles Pacific Coast Highway while he was driving with a friend; another vehicle ran a red light resulting in a head-on collision.

Drake Bell’s Career

Drake Bell lost seven teeth in the grisly accident, and his jaw was broken in 3 different places.As a result of the accident also Drake Bell suffered a career-threatening wrist injury.

Being the stunning celebrity he is, it goes without saying that Drake Bell keeps his fans and followers glued on the screens as they celebrate their super actors.

After getting involved in an accident, Drake Bell sustained several injuries, amongst them some facial injuries.

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Drake Bell is speculated to have undergone about four plastic surgeries.  Facelift, chin augmentation and lip implants, and dental surgery, to be  specific.

Plastic Surgery

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Are Rumours About Drake Bell's Plastic Surgery True?

Are Rumours About Drake Bell's Plastic Surgery True?