Okay, our opening image shows a 10-year-old Ariel walking the red carpet.

The following year, she continued to wear her dark brown hair in the piecey, unbrushed ringlets seen here.

the nasal tip now seems less pronounced and smaller in comparison to the rest of her face.

Ariel's appearance changed drastically a year later, and I don't simply mean because of her extreme eye makeup and jet-black, curly haircut.

I had been taking antidepressants for years, which made me acquire weight that I was unable to shed no matter what I tried.

Her brows are natural, her face, hair, and cosmetics are all flawless, but she still has keyhole lip fillers.

That takes us to Ariel's final red carpet appearance before Modern Family comes to an end permanently.

She's kept her hair this colour for a full year, so it's reasonable to conclude that ten years of black hair were limiting her style! Although I love red,

Her upper lip is beginning to protrude in an unnatural way, and am I the only one who notices that her eyebrows now appear more arched,

I have to admit that it seems quite drastic and unbelievable that she would "shave her cheek bone and chin."