“I have done plastic surgery and it did not turn out well for me,” Tisdale shared.

She wanted to talk about plastic surgery on her new wellness website because of the actor's personal experience with it.

She stated, "I had implants for a very long time. "I simply felt like it was something I wanted to share with my audience, so I decided to get them out."

She believes that the "worst side effects of that stuff" are frequently not discussed. And the drawbacks are numerous.

Tisdale makes it clear that she has no objections to plastic surgery.

But if you're going to make decisions like that, you have to love yourself first, she continued.

Tisdale recalled that when she was younger, she believed obtaining implants would improve her self-esteem.

She now believes that her choice was motivated by great insecurity.

I think it never really makes you happy, she said

 And like I mentioned, if you're going to make those selections, you should really know what you're getting into and really investigate the subject.