"Spears continues that statements made by her father in particular had an effect on how she felt about herself.

"Yes, I care, and everyone would if they saw themselves in the same light as I do.

My father used to tell me I was overweight and it wasn't enjoyable being the hefty girl on stage.

It was embarrassing! In the 13 years I was under conservatorship, I only had one nice cover; the others were all terrible

They made worse use of it! What a complete waste of time.

I think all girls are concerned, and if you've ever heard a guy tell you there's no gazing at your face—not Sam Asghari

"I am without a doubt a victim of all the societal objectification and exploitation of women.

Amazing energy, really amazing! When my family placed me there, the drug they provided me was the main cause of my pain. 

Spears' insecurities offer an insight into the emotional, physical, and psychological pain she endured while under a conservatorship for 13 years.

Since the conservatorship is no longer in effect, it appears that she has been actively reclaiming control of her body through the various nude Instagram posts she makes