Courtney Cox 

Plastic Surgery Before And After



Courtney Cox 

Courteney Cox has been an actor for almost 30 years and has become a cultural icon attributable to her appearances in Friends, Scream, Cougar Town, and other films.

Aging is a truth, but she has altered more as a result of plastic surgery. She was quite attractive, and she did not require any cosmetic procedures on her face.

She said that she grew obsessed with surgery over time and was seeking guidance from the wrong people.

Courtney Cox ’s Botox

She had definitely undergone Botox and an eye lift to make her seem younger and to cope with her  sagging skin. Because of these operations, the skin around her eyes  seems tight.

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Courteney has received several inquiries about cosmetic surgery. It’s no secret that Courtney Cox has had plastic surgery over the years, and she’s received a lot of flak for it.

Plastic Surgery

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