Dianna Elise Agron fits the ideal profile of a young, attractive person with many talents and a promising future.

She's only 28 but already established herself as a director, dancer, actress, and singer.

Agron's acting career began in 2006 when she appeared as Jessica Grant in "Crime Scene Investigation: New York."

Beginning in 2009, she gained most of her notoriety for her portrayal of Quinn Fabray in "Glee."

The blonde actress sings several songs in that Fox series.

The owner and author of the art and photography website "You, Me, and Charlie" actually has a deviated septum and two broken noses.

The first she received while still a high school student, but she did not treat it with medication.

She saw a doctor a few years later, while she was filming for Glee, and learned that she had a deviated septum.

Then, while on the Glee Live Tour, she broke her nose once more and went back to the doctor to get it fixed since a deviated septum affected her breathing.

Agron told David Letterman about her experience in an interview. Because of this, the attractive actress's nose does not appear to have changed.