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Did Whitney Cummings Have Plastic Surgery?

Whitney Cummings

When the name Whitney Cummings is mentioned, everyone thinks of her as one of the finest female comedians the world has ever had.

She is a true beauty. However, some little rain seems to have befallen this beauty. It has turned out to be the topic of discussion amongst her followers as a majority doubt its naturalness.

Plastic Surgeries has had she?

Over the recent years she has taken the center-stage of plastic surgery since after comparing her past and present appearances, her looks go beyond nature.

Has She had Breast Augmentation?

While speaking in an episode of Ashley Graham’s podcast, the comedian revealed that she had a disorder in her breasts that she developed way back in her puberty days.

Did the Comedian have Rhinoplasty?

A picture is worth a thousand words and a look at Whitney Cummings’ past and present pics, there is more than just a story to tell.

These two observations seem to have faded away with time since the actress’s nose now seems to be slightly slimmer and the nose tip is more slender than it was initially.

Has Cummings had Blepharoplasty?

Naturally, as one ages, wrinkles start to invade his/her beautiful face with the eye area being one of the victim-areas for wrinkles.

The comedian is alleged to have undergone eyelid surgery since she seems to have lowered her eye bags, reduced the crows’ feet and her eyes seem to have an enlarged appearance.

What about Filler Injections?

Whitney Cummings seemed to have had slim and normal-looking lips. However, as years went by the old seems to have faded away as well as her lips now seem to be fuller and plumped.

Experts have added some weight to the allegations saying that most likely the actress has had Restylene or Juvederm to boost the size of her lips.

Has Cummings had Facelift?

As a lady approaches the mid-thirties, indicators of aging start to sneak in. One such indicator is the emergence of sagging facial skin.

It is the norm with most celebrities to deny plastic surgery allegations and that is why we should applaud Whitney Cummings for first of all taking a bold step and admitting that she has had a boob job.

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