She was 24 when she was here, and it makes her feel completely different.

When The Hot Chick debuted in 2002, Anna had super-blonde hair thanks to hair lightening.

Although she doesn't look exactly like the Anna we know today, you can kind of tell this is Anna. 

Instead of appearing like a glammed-up celebrity, she seems quite natural here, like a super-beautiful everyday girl.

By 2007, Anna's brows appeared to have darkened.

Better makeup and hair, however I'm wondering if her eyes are somewhat different in this picture.

Anna was a star at this point, having turned 32. Her eyes are more alert in this photo than in the earlier ones; it could be the makeup.

I think in this next photo, the new nose is even more evident.

She appears to have some natural creases between her brows and on her forehead in this photo—no Botox!

Her hair has grown so much, wow! The eye makeup and bangs are gorgeous. She appears to be reducing the number of injections, to be honest.