Katy Perry

Plastic Surgery Before And After



Katy  Perry

Our first pic dates back to 2000, when Katy was a 15-year-old high school student.

Four years later, she signed to her first record label, and started going by her stage name, Katy Perry, instead of her real name, Katy Hudson.

Katy kept the same jet-black, shaggy mullet cut the following year, even though all the razored layers made her hair seem thinner than it really is.

Katy Perry’s Career

At 21, she leaned into her California roots—all sun-kissed skin, soft makeup and beachy, textured hair.

But some plastic surgeons don’t believe that’s all she’s had done. “It appears that Katy’s nose is different now than it is in older photos.

Plastic Surgery

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