Rodrigo Alves 

Plastic Surgery Before And After



Rodrigo Alves 

Rodrigo Alves, popularly known as "Human Ken Doll" has taken the plastic surgery world by a surprise after exposing every detail concerning her cosmetic procedures.

Rodrigo Alves has confessed to undergoing 51 plastic surgeries, shoulder and biceps gel fillers, 11 rhinoplasties, several facelifts, hair implants, and Botox among other cosmetic procedures.

Rodrigo Alves is said to have a £28,000 cosmetic procedure in a bid to do away with her floating four ribs alongside having a SMAS facelift.

Rodrigo Alves ’s Career

Rodrigo Alves has revealed that as a child she had low self-esteem, which is what prompted her to opt for plastic surgery in a bid to achieve a perfect male physique.

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"Male perfection is to me having symmetry. So a chiseled face, broad shoulders, a lean figure, a prominent jawline, defined abs, and a chest in proportion.

Plastic Surgery

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