Vanessa Williams

Plastic Surgery Before And After



Vanessa Williams

“Her lips are sexy, defined, youthful, and plump,” says Janeway, who thinks the star is using a filler like Juvéderm XC to achieve that look. Price tag: About $600 per syringe.

Dr. Hadeed suspects lower eyelid surgery (which runs between $4.2K and $5.6K). “There’s less excess skin.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein says Vanessa’s smooth skin suggests “she likely has had PRP injections with microneedling.” Cost: $1K.

Vanessa Williams’s Career

In a career stretching from Miss America to Ugly Betty, the multitalented Vanessa Williams has been an icon for nearly 35 years.

“Her forehead and area between her brows is smooth,” says dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir. Vanessa admits to using Botox, which typically costs about $1K per session.

Plastic Surgery

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