Did Whitney Cummings have plastic surgery? Here are the details

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Did Whitney Cummings have plastic surgery? Here are the details

Has Whitney Cummings had Plastic Surgery?

did whitney cummings have plastic surgery? here are the details

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When the name Whitney Cummings is mentioned, everyone thinks of her as one of the finest female comedians the world has ever had. The comedian has not only been idolized for her rib-cracking jokes but has been an icon of admiration for her beauty. She is a true beauty. However, some little rain seems to have befallen this beauty. It has turned out to be the topic of discussion amongst her followers as a majority doubt its naturalness. It is for this reason that Cummings has had a fair share of stories linking her to plastic surgery. The majority of her followers believe that the comedian is too beautiful to be natural. Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

 What Plastic Surgeries has had she?

Whitney Cummings has been in the spotlight for long enough for her followers to note the slightest changes in her looks. Over the recent years she has taken the center-stage of plastic surgery since after comparing her past and present appearances, her looks go beyond nature. Neither can mere makeup explain the same. The “2 Broke Girls” actress has been accused of using rhinoplasty, filler injections, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, and facelift at least. Amazingly, of all the cosmetic procedures she has been accused of, the comedian has only admitted undergoing breast augmentation and denied the other speculations. Cummings has vehemently denied the allegations saying that her looks are dependent on healthy living, exercising, and proper dietary mannerisms.

 Has she had Breast Augmentation?

First things first, let’s begin with the procedure she has admitted, breast augmentation. While speaking in an episode of Ashley Graham’s podcast, the comedian revealed that she had a disorder in her breasts that she developed way back in her puberty days. Most notably that her boobs grew in different sizes and this was her biggest insecurity that forced her to get three different augmentation surgeries.

did whitney cummings have plastic surgery? here are the details

“After I talked onstage about how my boobs were different sizes, women come up to me and they’re like, ‘I thought I was the only one…Three surgeries because the first surgery I was so embarrassed to tell anyone, I was so embarrassed to get it done, I had so much shame around it that I like Googled it and just went to some guy by the airport, and he like didn’t have an office. I finally let a girlfriend in on what happened when there was like a muscle was cut through and she was like, ‘Oh just go to my guy, what are you doing?’”

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 Did the Comedian have Rhinoplasty?

A picture is worth a thousand words and a look at Whitney Cummings’ past and present pics, there is more than just a story to tell. It takes an eye for detail to notice the difference in her nose. In her past photo, Cummings’ nose had a slightly broader base than it has right now. Her nose tip was less slender than it is now. These two observations seem to have faded away with time since the actress’s nose now seems to be slightly slimmer and the nose tip is more slender than it was initially. Experts have chipped in saying that Cummings might have a subtle reduction rhinoplasty since the change in her nose is hardly noticeable by an ordinary observer. Now the “Money Shot” comedian has one of the finest noses in Hollywood that most women would kill to have, thanks to rhinoplasty.  

Has Cummings had Blepharoplasty?

Naturally, as one ages, wrinkles start to invade his/her beautiful face with the eye area being one of the victim-areas for wrinkles. For a woman of Whitney Cummings’ age, eye bags are also a common characteristic. While we know that make is capable of giving the eye area youthful appearances, Cummings’ eyelids suffice distinction to trigger eyelid surgical procedure. The comedian is alleged to have undergone eyelid surgery since she seems to have lowered her eye bags, reduced the crows’ feet and her eyes seem to have an enlarged appearance. In no way can nature guarantee such a change and hence the reason as to why all the credit goes to blepharoplasty. 

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 What about Filler Injections?

In her earlier images, Whitney Cummings seemed to have had slim and normal-looking lips. However, as years went by the old seems to have faded away as well as her lips now seem to be fuller and plumped. Now that she has not had pregnancy previously, maternal hormones cannot be cited for the change. Neither can nature be accredited for it because naturally, it is impossible. That being the case, we left with lip fillers as the only catalyst behind Cummings’ fuller lips. Experts have added some weight to the allegations saying that most likely the actress has had Restylene or Juvederm to boost the size of her lips. The shape of her mouth has also changed a bit.

Some people also argue that the comedian might have gotten some cheek fillers since her face looks broader and her cheeks puffier. The allegations however are not as deeply rooted as the other plastic surgery speculations leveled against her.

Has Cummings had Facelift?

did whitney cummings have plastic surgery? here are the details

As a lady approaches the mid-thirties, indicators of aging start to sneak in. One such indicator is the emergence of sagging facial skin. As for Whitney Cumming’s case, it seems like she was keen enough to pro-act. She looks amazingly attractive with no presence of creases and laugh lines around her face. Her skin appears to be tight and smooth and it is from this observation that speculations linking the actress to facelift have risen. Her followers claim that she has had a facelift at her age, some slightly droopy skins are inevitable.

 Final Word

It is the norm with most celebrities to deny plastic surgery allegations and that is why we should applaud Whitney Cummings for first of all taking a bold step and admitting that she has had a boob job. Despite her boob job confession, however, we still have a strenuous task of determining whether or not she has had the other plastic surgeries rumored of her since she has vehemently denied the allegations. That being said, what is your take on Whitney Cummings plastic surgery story? 



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